Commission Piece On Its Way to Arizona

I wanted to show you a recent Garden Totem I made for a customer. She visited NC recently and purchased another piece for her mother. She loved it so much that she wanted one for herself.  She found this crystal vase (the base) at a local Goodwill for a steal! Well, here it is  FOLKS!!!!  I love how it turned out. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

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Don’t get me wrong, I love the seasons, I love winter, I love snow! But here in the south, (in the words of John Wayne)

“It’s about re-“goddamn”-diculous.

Seriously, we are trapped indoors and off the roads. And forget about keeping the bread and milk shelves stocked in the grocery stores the past two winters! It’s embarrassing to really need to pick these two items up while shopping, especially when you’re a northern transplanted.

We are supposed to drive to town this morning at 10:30 for a doctors appointment. It was delayed by 3 hours today when the office called yesterday. Now I’m wondering if the place is even open at all. I’ts 8:30 and only 1 vehicle has drove past our house so far. We live on a paved country road, and there’s alway a few drivers heading to work by now.

My daughter, (like many moms) has about played every movie and game in her house as well as her imagination with her kids. It’s time to fly over the cuckoos nest over there. Remember she has 5 children ages almost 8 through 11. When she starts calling me and in the background the kids sound like indian warriors taking scalps you know it’s bad.

Keep your chin’s up, your gloves, hats and coats on…  don’t eat the yellow stuff, yada, yada, yada! It’s not over yet.

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Good Memories Monday Linky Par-tay

Thought I’d try a new thing.

Do you have a Good Memory worth sharing. Well Link it here or just leave a comment. Anything you would love to share with blog land via my website. I’d love to have your Good Memories here.

Did something happen over the weekend that you want all to know about? Life, love, loss, art, loved ones, events, something old, something new. Bring it to the Cafe each Monday.

Get Started Here

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Sunday Sayings

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My Grief Runnith Over, and I’m Glad For It

Many of you know that I lost my father in February last year. It has been almost a year and I continue to struggle emotionally. I have a close friend (to whom I have yet to meet) that lost her mother in 2010 as well. We chat daily on the internet and hope to one day meet in person!

We wonder when the sadness will stop? Here is what I said to her:

“I honestly believe that people have forgotten how to grieve. We are always in a hurry, always busying ourselves to “death” no pun intended. Maybe you remember a chat I had here or on my blog, that I honestly understand how come people closed themselves off and wore black for months or a year or more. We’ve lost site of the importance of grief, a good cry out, a soaking of tear drops. I don’t think I will ever stop weeping, crying or just welling up with tears about the loss of my father. He was in my life longer than anyone, therefore I will grieve for him the rest of my life. I’m going to stop feeling bad about these sudden moments and just let them happen with out guilt. I’ve told everyone of my family and friends to just expect the tears. I’m SO GLAD THAT THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE IS A WEEPER! Hopefully it will tear down the wall for many who think it’s a sign of weakness. It’s a sign that a person has real feelings, a heart, a caring bone and that if your happy or sad, you can cry without guilt or speculation from others. ”

My heart wants to believe that these moments are a tribute to my life with him. Through good times and bad. So let there be many and whenever a Good Memory happens,  it helps to remind me of our love here in this life.

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A Few Good Memories Totem Pics

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My Slim Goals For 2011

I hate it when everybody does this for the New Year, but I just realized that I track so much via my website that I should really incorporate my business and personal goals into it.

I’m not going to be too lofty here because running a small business completely on your own, website, shops, social media, inventory, designs, takes a lot of time. I don’t have anyone other than my Mister to help out and primarily he’s my handy man and soon to be tax man. (he’s not aware of this yet)I can lean on our daughters for help too, but they have busy lives of their own.  Jessica has her own blog and business and Sheryl has 5 kids to raise…. see what I mean about busy.

ANY WHOO…   here’s the list:

1. Generate a monthly average of $500 in sales. (hopefully I’ll blow this one out of the water)

2. Blog post every Monday, Wed, and Sunday. More if time permits and necessary

3. Start to monetize my blog. 🙂 Hence the big switch to WordPress this month. (done today 1/6 way ahead of schedule.

4. Walk for at LEAST 20 minutes everyday. I will need to yank my butt away from Frontierville for this one!!!! haha

5. Go to at least one Blog Conference in 2011. (signed up and paid for Type A on 12/30)

6. Visit with girlfriends at least a couple of times this year. I live pretty far away from all my dearest girlfriends so this is going to be a challenge.

7. Rent our lake house every week of the high summer season on Lake Erie. Did I mention I’m a rental property manger too!  many hats here folks

Okay I think that’s plenty.


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